Getting Old(er) 1

Susan’s Rule Number One for Longevity:
Don’t fall down.

Pay attention when you are walking outside. Do become lost in your thoughts–or your smart phone.

Do not leave things lying around on the floor, especially cords and cables. But also shoes, clothes, books, etc.

Make sure there is a rubber mat in your bathtub or shower. If you are some place that does not have one, put down a towel. There are also suction handgrips that fit easily into a suitcase if there is nothing to hold onto when you are climbing into or out of a bathtub.

Use the handrail going up or down stairs. If there is no handrail, use the wall. Do not worry if you are slower than other people using the stairs. This also applies to escalators.

If you are unsteady on your feet or have poor balance, take Tai Chi classes (more about this later).

Watch out for pets. Surprising numbers of people trip over their cats and dogs.

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