Gardens and Gardening

I love growing things. Herbs. Tomatoes. Strawberries. Flowers. I also visit gardens, have friends who are avid gardeners and notice the gardens I see–when I walk the dog, for instance. As it is February, I will be making the annual pilgrimage to England soon for snowdrop season.


This is a space where I will write about food and diet and share recipes. I am a “flexitarian” and prefer food that is local, seasonal, and unprocessed (I exclude pasta). And yes, I appreciate that I am privileged to have such choices. Writer Michael Pollan sums it up for me when he says, “Eat …

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Hellebore Pillow

Needlepoint 1

I stitched this for a friend whom I accompany on our annual snowdrop adventures. It is a hellebore from Elizabeth Bradley’s mini series. I love how perfecly the fabric and trim pick up the colours of the tapestry.


I have lived in Luxembourg since 1989. It is a country of quiet beauty whose people I have found to be welcoming and generous. It is also affluent so that, while my personal means are modest, I enjoy the benefits of superior infrastructure (compared to the US, for instance), generous public services, and, as of …

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